Our Team Members


Dr Amir Keshmiri

Group Founder/Director

Reader/Associate Professor in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Head of Business Engagement at the University of Manchester


Dr Bahamin Bazooyar


Project: Computational Modelling and Design of Innovative Combustion Systems


Charlie Bright

PhD Student

Project: Feasibility of a Cardiovascular Surgical Planning Platform using CFD (Co-Supervised by Dr Stuart Grant)


Anthony Man

PhD Student

Project: A Machine Learning Approach for Prediction of Turbulent Flow in Porous Media (Co-supervised by Dr Yasser Larimi)

Darioush Jalili_edited.png

Darioush Jalili

PhD Student

Project: CFD and Machine Learning Algorithms for Simulating Flow with Complex Heat Transfer (Co-supervised by Dr Yasser Larimi)


Dae Yeob Lee

MSc Student

Project: Energy Modelling and CFD simulation of Residential Heat Pumps


Luis D'Introdo

BEng Dissertation Student

Project: Modelling Flow in a Patient-Specific Aorta using CFD


Josef Bateman

BEng Dissertation Student

Project: Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics in Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting


Dr Amin Deyranlou

Post-Doc/Visiting Researcher

Project: Development of robust simulation workflow to exploit high resolution MRI data for cardiac modelling  


Azin Hosseinzadeh

PhD Student

Project: Computational Modelling of the Urban Heat Island Effects


Sorosh Mirfasihi

PhD Student

Project: CFD of batch mixing for the dispersion of viscous non-Newtonian fluids (Co-supervised by Dr Claudio De Fonte)


Gabriela Lopez-Santana

PhD Student

Project: Modelling and simulation of cardiovascular interventions using high-fidelity CFD (Co-supervised by Dr Alessandro de Rosis)

Sumanta Laha_Prfo_edited.png

Sumanta Laho

PhD Student

Project: CFD Modelling of Prosthetic Mechanical Heart Valves (Joint student programme with Kharagpur University)

Abhiraj Gopinadh Pillai_Prof.jpg

Abhiraj Gopinadh Pilla

MSc Student

Project: CFD Simulation of Atmospheric Storage Tanks


Muhammad Bin Saifullizan

BEng Dissertation Student

Project: Optimisation of Local Exhaust Ventilation Designs using CFD


Dr Nazanin Mirhosseini

Post-Doc/Visiting Researcher

Project: GCRF project on Innovative Engineering Solutions for Affordable Health Technologies


Fatemeh Shahbazi

PhD Student

Project: CFD Simulation of Microfluidics (Co-supervised by Dr Masoud Jabbari)


Jie Wang

PhD Student

Project: CFD Modelling of congenital heart disease in Africa by using Machine Learning (Co-supervised by Dr Alistair Revell)


Mohammad Elsarraj

PhD Student

Project: Design and Optimisation of Outdoor HVAC Systems using CFD (Co-supervised by Dr Majid Seddighi and Dr Yasser Larimi)


Waleed Alruwaili

PhD Student

Project: CFD Simulation of Phase-Change Materials for Energy Storage (Co-supervised by Dr Yasser Larimi)


Daniel Wall

BEng Dissertation Student

Project: Computational Simulations for Public Engagement


Mabel Ziman

BEng Dissertation Student

Project: Machine Learning coupled with CFD to develop the design and optimisation of neuro vascular treatments


Sami Alzahrani (MSc 2021)
Project: Energy Modelling of A Novel Energy Saving System for Domestic Heating and Ventilation
Waleed Alruwaili (MSc 2021)
Project: CFD Modelling of A Novel Energy Saving System for Domestic Heating and Ventilation
Dr Michael McElroy (PhD/Post-Doc 2014-2019)
Project: Boundary Condition Assessment and Geometrical Accuracy Enhancement for Computational Haemodynamics
Amirhossein Hassani (PhD 2020)
Project: Dynamics of seawater intrusion into coastal aquifers (Co-supervised by Dr Nima Shokri)

Gabriela Lopez Santana (MSc 2019)

Project: Classical Experimental Measurement Techniques versus CFD in a Fully-Developed Turbulent Pipe

Rio Harris (MSc 2019)

Project: Turbulence Model in Automotive Application

Xianlong Chen (MSc 2019)

Project: Wind microclimate simulation of built environment

Dr Antonios Xenakis (Post-Doc 2018)

Project: Simulation of Helical Bypass Grafts

Ziheng Liu (MSc 2018)

Project: Design of an In Vitro Setup to Measure Hemodynamics Conditions in Different Patient-Specific Cardiovascular Models

Matthew Carr (MSc 2018)

Project: Impact of Boundary Conditions on the Simulation of a Rabbit Aorta

Andres Ruiz-Soler (PhD 2017)

Project: Simulation of Haemodynamics in Bypass Grafts

Tianyi Wang (MSc 2017)

Project: Experimental Hemodynamics for Different Cardiovascular Models 

Zhipeng Wang (MSc 2017)

Project: Numerical Modelling of A Rabbit Aorta Using Advanced Boundary Conditions

Nima Khorramrooz (Placement Student 2016)

Project: Feasibility analysis and market research for the 'Heart Lab' project

Dr Salvatore Cito (Post-Doc 2015)

Project: Development of a Novel Flow Field Augmentation Technique to Improve the Patency of Distal Graft Anastomosis

Dr Kerstin Schirrman (Post-Doc 2016)

Project: Design of an Experimental Rig to Fight Obesity in Children and Young Adults

Imad M Natsheh (PhD 2013) (Co-supervised by Dr A Albarbar)

Project: Hybrid Power Systems Energy Management Based on Adaptive Control Algorithms


Solmaz Reynolds (MRes 2013) (Co-supervised by Dr C Liauw)

Project: The Effect of Fibre Morphology on the Surface Characteristics of Composite Wind Turbine Blades

Muhammad Usman Munir (MSc 2016)

Project: Numerical Modelling of Stampede using Fluid Flow Analogy

Kane Hatchard (MSc 2016)

Project: Underwater Retrievals Using Pneumatic or Hydraulic Conveying

Adam Thompson (MSc 2015)

Project: Effectiveness of Windage Features on High Speed Couplings

Robert Chapman (MSc 2014)

Project: CFD Modelling of the Cooling Channel Flows in the First Wall Panel of ITER

Waleed Aljarbou (MSc 2014)

Project: CFD Simulation of Underground Car Parking Design


John Dunn (MSc 2013)

Project: Simulation of Duel Engine Exhaust Into A Single Exhaust Stream


Eshwar Ramasetti (MSc 2013)

Project: Numerical Study of Gas Spargers in Bubble Columns


Alex Killeen (MSc 2012)

Project: Investigations of Gas Flow and Heat Transfer in Advanced Gas-cooled Nuclear Reactor (AGR) Fuel Passages


MPhil/PhD Positions:

Please visit this page for information on available PhD projects and funding opportunities.